All of the R-407-series refrigerants are based on blends of the three HFC refrigerants R-32, R-125 and R-134a. R-407C has been formulated as a good match to the existing HCFC refrigerant R-22 for use in air conditioning, chilling and refrigeration applications and is the first of the R-22 alternatives to be used on a commercial scale. Suitable for retrofit and original equipment usage. R-407C meets the GWP requirements beyond 2030 under the EU F-Gas Regulations for industrial and commercial refrigeration.

Composition (wt%) R-32/R-125/R-134a = 23/25/52
Category : HFC
Chemical name :Difluoromethane / Pentafluoroethane /1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane
Cas no. :75-10-5 / 354-33-6 / 811-97-2
Lubricant : POE